Tableau Public is the primary tool I will be using for It is available for download free of charge. There are some limitations to the data sources you can use in this version but the visualization capabilities do not seem to be limited. All data will be save to the Tableau Public website so don’t save data there if it is in any way private. When you publish a visualization, you are provided with a dashboard and links to email or to embed your work into a blog or website. That’s what I am doing here at Skrumz ! I have also used Tableau Public in the past for one of my other website – For full licenses where you an save locally, contact their Sales staff.

Microsoft Power BI extends the functionality of Excel with a relatively new set of tools. It is also built into several of their Office 365 offerings, and visualizations can be added into Share Point sites.

Microstrategy is another tool that I started using last year on a job. There is a free desktop version that I used which allowed me to publish visualizations in the cloud for a set of remote co-workers. It’s a great free version of the tool for small projects like this.

Qlik is another very popular product that I have yet to try but probably will in the near future.

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