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Car Production 1950-2013 1

Car Production By Country 1950-2013

Visualizations are particularly interesting when they can display changing data over time. In this ‘viz’, we can click through the years and see how car production by country has varied since 1950. Data Source:Wikipedia. I particularly like using the tree map visualization type for showing this data. The size of...

Life Expectancy vs GDP Per Capita 0

Life Expectancy and GDP Per Capita by Country

Using Tableau Software, it is fascinating to analyze data and see patterns emerge. In this visualization, we compare life expectancy and GDP per capita in all countries of the world, with countries differentiated by continent as well. Learn About Tableau

Suicide & Alcohol Consumption 0

Suicide and Alcohol Consumption – by Country

There are many factors that are correlated to suicide, and a leading one is alcohol consumption. However, a study of these related indices is frought with issues in the data. Data Source:Chartsbin.com & Wikipedia. I have included four views of the data in this post. As always, the raw data...