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Basic Economic Indicators 2008-2016

Understanding the ups and downs that the U.S. economy go through is a complex undertaking. Economists analyze millions of data points and hundreds of indicators to try and predict what will happen next. In the visualization below I have gathered data for the following measures: Jobs added and lost per...

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Mortgage & Budget Calculator

I have created a mortgage and budget calculator in Tableau Public. Many people buy homes without considering the total cost of ownership. It is important for people to understand what they are signing up for financially when they make such a significant decision. This calculator does not consider every possible...

Car Production 1950-2013 1

Car Production By Country 1950-2013

Visualizations are particularly interesting when they can display changing data over time. In this ‘viz’, we can click through the years and see how car production by country has varied since 1950. Data Source:Wikipedia. I particularly like using the tree map visualization type for showing this data. The size of...