Skrumz.com is a project website developed with the intention of using analytical tools such as Tableau Public Software to create visualizations that facilitate the exploration of a broad range of topics and data. It is meant to offer a collection of data points for discussion and for understanding the use of modern data analysis and tools. Looking at two points of data together does not mean they are causally connected. Many variables are always needed in properly studying any set of thoughts, theories, activities, events or other phenomena.

I do not work for Tableau, though I think they have an amazing product and I have used it for my 9-5 job for almost five years. I have also used MicroStrategy and the Microsoft suite of Excel, Power Pivot, Power View, Power Map and what is now being offered as Power BI. I think they are all very useful and use you should try them all.

When I think back to my college days at The George Washington University (BA ’87), I remember how time-consuming and challenging it was to draw accurate and appealing symbol maps or filled area maps. I majored in Geography and that was a regular occurrence. Figuring out totals, averages and standard deviations across larger data sets was equally daunting. Today we get to do this with a few clicks of the mouse.

So get yourself one of these tools, attend one of the many webinars or roadshows given by the companies and get yourself, your students and co-workers interested and involved in discussing data that has been visually represented in all kinds of ways. For information on careers and jobs in data, please see our Education page.

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