About Collecting Data – Surveys and Polls

In order to effectively analyze data, you have to first get the data. All data is collected by one means or another. Think about your everyday life: what data are you creating that is being collected? Every time you text or make a phone call, that information is being collected. Your phone bill is effectively a database that shows how many calls you made or received and texts you made or received, to whom, at what time and for how long, or how much data you sent. When you buy coffee at Starbucks or a book in a store, those transactions are stored and companies use them to analyze sales and determine which products are best sellers and which they might discontinue.

I have created a poll around selecting a favorite for the 2017 College Football Playoff champion here to gather data and demonstrate the process. Click on your favorite team in the dashboard below to see how a vote is added. The second sheet of the dashboard and the INFO button give more insight into the process behind using Tableau to collect data.

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