Seattle Pizza Map !

Look, I really can’t help myself when it comes to pizza. I was born in the Bronx in New York City and much of what I knew growing up, was about where to get the best slice. Sure, displaced New Yorkers will rarely give another town’s pizza its due, but I thought it would be good to start documenting all my favorites here in Seattle where I live. There are New York style pies on this list and Naples style pizza. I’m sorry, I can’t, won’t, consider Chicago, but it pains me to even utter the phrase “Deep Dish”…. I’ll let those equally passionate Chicagoans handle that… Scroll down for the map. It’s interactive, has a slide out menu and the icons are clickable. Zoom out a little to see the entire city. Please excuse the pictures – I eat pizza, I’m not a photographer. I’ve eaten at plenty more pizzerias but this is my favorites list for now, and here are my Top 3 for NY Style:

  • Giannonis’s in White Center (lower West Seattle)
  • Big Mario’s (Locations on Capitol Hill and Lower Queen Anne)
  • Rocco’s (on 2nd Avenue in Belltown)

Mama Rosa's

Mama Rosa’s

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