Masters Track & Field High Jump Data

In the world of Track & Field, the Masters and Senior Level competitors are often overlooked despite their broad participation and exceptional skill. According to, the definitive source for ranking track and field athletes over the age of 35, there were 281,000 results posted in 2015. These cover men and women from age 35 to 105 ! A subset of 494 of this large group are the male high jumpers between the ages of 45-49. I have a particular interest in this since I am one. The visualization below is intended to show this data in different forms. The map shows the distribution of athletes from the 39 countries represented. The bubble chart show the relative participation of each country. The list responds to filtering on a country to show the ranking within each country. Finally, the box and whisper plot shows the distribution within this five year age group. This is particularly interesting in noting whether, or how much of, a drop-off exists as people in an age-group age. Enjoy !

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  1. Very interesting data on athletics masters. Do you have data on Masters Athletics for the Philippines Records?

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