High School Track & Field Results 2009-2013

As a high school High Jump coach and active Masters (M45) track athlete, I have been using the site Atheltic.Net to view results for my student athletes. In my day job, I am a web developer and analytics guy and I use Tableau a lot. I thought it would be cool to map out where the top 10 high school Track & Field performers for each event came from. As you might predict, states with large populations have the most top performers – states such as California, Texas and Florida. Arizona has a bunch despite a smaller population and Washington and Oregon are strong, due to distance running and javelin. Do people not do javelin everywhere?

Data Source:Athletic.net.

Use the filter buttons on the right side to drill down by year, event, place and gender. Click on the different tabs across to see some of the data behind the map, and to see other interesting things like most Top 10 finishes during the five year period. It’s fascinating stuff !

On the “Map Overview” tab, mouse over a state on then click on the “View Data” button to see the details on individual performers for the results you are looking at. The more more you filter, the fewer records you will see.

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