World Languages

There are over 7,000 languages in the world that are being actively spoken! That being said, the top 83 most spoken languages account for about 85% of the world’s population. Let’s have a look at those 83 languages.

Data Source:Wikipedia. Now these numbers are approximations, and referring to Native Speakers. Many more people actually speak each of these languages.

In this visualization, there are four views – the table of data, a tree map, a bubble chart and a stacked bar chart. Each gives a unique and interesting perspective on these top 83 languages. The raw data in the table view is for reference. The stacked bar is great for a number of reasons. Color coding variations like language spoken for each primary country gives a nice representation of how many major languages are in each of those countries. If you use your mouse to select India and China, a total of 31 languages are noted, and account for 2.6 billion people who speak these languages natively.

The tree map gives a great view by compartmentalizing countries with their varied languages and the percentage that each language makes up of the world inhabitants. India and China, being the most populous, dominate this tree map and account for nearly 40% of the world.

The bubble chart does a nice job of assigning relative sizes to the languages. Mouse over each bubble for details.

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