U.S. Health vs Population Identifying as ‘Very Religious’ – By State

There are many different ways to view demographics for countries and states. One comparison is to view data reflecting the Health Index versus the Population Identifying as Very Religious. Interesting patterns emerge.

Data Source:Statemaster

This type of scatter plot is one of my favorites. It allows you to show variables on both axes, with additional categorization in color. The Unites States has been divided into regions and the Health Index variable compared to the Percentage of the Population Identifying as Very Religious. What makes any visualization interesting are finding both patterns and outliers. In this case, we see some strong regional correlations. The Southeast region tends to identify more as Very Religious and their Health Index values are quite low. States in the Northeast and Northwest both have good Health Index values with lower identification as being Very Religious.

The outliers are fascinating. Utah has the 2nd highest reporting of people being Very Religious and 7th highest Health Index rating. There may be many reasons for this. Better, more available health care facilities, generally good weather with people taking more time to exercise. It would interesting to extend this and add in rates of obesity. doctors per capita, and other variables. Las Vegas is another outlier, showing low numbers reporting as Very Religious while also having lower Health Index values. A city known for gaming and excess, this might not be such a surprise, but it does stand out on our scatter plot.

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