Car Production By Country 1950-2013

Visualizations are particularly interesting when they can display changing data over time. In this ‘viz’, we can click through the years and see how car production by country has varied since 1950.

Data Source:Wikipedia.

I particularly like using the tree map visualization type for showing this data. The size of the blocks give a very clear picture of change. The U.S. had so dominated car production for so long, with 76% in 1950. Japan came on strong between 1960 and 1970, increasing share nearly six-fold from 3% to almost 18%. China has come on strong since 2005, boosting it’s share from 8% to over 25%. Also, only 17 countries were producing cars in any quantity in 1950, and that has now increased to 49 countries.

Of course, the tree map does not indicate overall growth. For this, the stacked bar chart is a much better tool. On this tab, we see that car production has maintained a very steep growth except for a brief period between 1990 and 1995. What was happening at that time to contribute to this? NOTE: If you click on a single country, it will highlight that country in the stacked bar chart. If you then right click on the country name, you can select ‘Keep Only’ and see the chart for that country only. This will allow you to see the incredible recent growth in countries like China, India and Indonesia. To revert to the full list, click on the little ‘Revert all’ arrow at the bottom of the graph.

This type of data is an excellent starting point for a much deeper dive into the changes in Car Production share over time. Highs and lows in the economies of particular countries do not always happen at the same time, and other factors play a role. What could those be?

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